Here's a collection of a bunch of 'zines that I self-published before I went to grad school. I brashly sent this to a bunch of literary agents and publishers while floundering around a few years ago. Looking back at this enticing, erotic, violent, profound, and sometimes heartfelt collection of personal fantasies I'm more convinced today than ever that what gets picked by the cowardly self-righteous publishing houses to be sent to the printing factories is utter garbage by comparison. It's unforgivable. You know it is. No one wants to admit it, but very single thing that gets published, made into a movie, released on Spotify is only done so to subdue the guilt-ridden middle class, who are perpetually on the prowl for a sense of authenticity and penance while paradoxically oblivious to their own compulsive entitlement, overwhelming fear of being genuinely poor, and disappointing their loving parents. This book of stories that I can't even remember writing, and can't defend, because I don't even remember what any of them are about should have been a best seller and made my life better, and my families life better if the self-serving cowardly liberal gatekeepers of culture could see the blessing I've willed into reality with my bare hands. Since that will only happen when hell freezes over (ie cultural administrators surrender their salaries to the poor people they both fear and feel guilty about having more than) I've decided to give this cumbersome PDF file or EPUB with some formatting problems to YOU for FREE! Enjoy!

download here