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Roseanne Conner, Bundy
Roseanne Conner, Bundy
Wood, acrylic, ceramic, concrete, fabric, bleach, foam
5” X 10” X 9”

This piece is called Roseanne Conner, Bundy. Did you know that both Rose Barr and Ted Bundy at one point have been accused/confessed to having multiple personality disorders. First Bundy blamed his violent urges on being exposed to pornography at a young age in an interview right before his execution, but later Psychiatrist Dr. Dorothy Otnow proposed Bundy has multiple personalities in Crazy NOT insane (2020, HBO). Roseanne Barr, I first heard, had multiple personalities from someone that read her autobiography maybe? There was more info on wikipedia which has been edited since then, but you can still find info about this scattered around the internet. During the filming of the original run of “Roseanne” Roseanne underwent some kind of therapy that unearthed that she had multiple personalities because of a sexually abusive father. She even played this personal drama out on her show by drastically changing her character’s relationship to her father and depicted him as abusive. Later, the real life Roseanne claimed that her MPD was due to an abusive Nazi neighbor that tortured her daily not her father.
In this sculpture two interlocking pieces contain the names of Bundy and Roseanne Conner held in a tomb like-shape under a ceramic makeshift tombstone shaped out of a broken fence post. If Bundy was on Roseanne he would work with her at the factory I vaguely remember her working at and they would enjoy each other’s company, and their friendship would be modeled after Anne Rule and Bundy’s rapport at the suicide crisis hotline they both worked at. The two interlocking pieces are held in place by a void made out of cushion wrapped in fake green satin.