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Honda Fit Gifting Ceremony is the second iteration of Lopez’s gifting project. Initially a means to gift art via instagram under the username deemarblestone, Honda Fit Gifting Ceremony has the artist gift his art to the public in person out of the back of a Honda Fit in the Humboldt Park Boathouse parking lot.

Participants are encouraged to approach Michael Lopez as he waits by his white Honda Fit filled with pieces of his art. He will then gift works of art from his collection hat he has labored over passionately over the span of his career. The sculptural works to be gifted are made out of wood, fabric, leather, plexiglass, concrete, ceramic, used clothing, oil paint, acrylic paint, and other materials.

July 23rd. 12pm - 3pm
Humboldt (Alexander Von) Park, Parking lot of the Humboldt Park Boathouse Gallery